Pharma Gen is a pharmaceutical company founded to help athletes to build a perfect body. In order to achieve these objectives, the company uses the latest results of researches in pharmaceutical area, produces and provides high quality medicines.

Pharma Gen has set as its main objective, to produce only quality medicines, which also would have an acceptable price, based on the purchasing power of the ordinary citizen. And by important donations, offered to medical institutions the company represents a model of corporate social responsibility, alternatively contributing to the achievement of the task.

Currently, the company owns a manufacturing facility with over 100 employees – doctors, chemists, technologists, programmers, engineers – work. All of them are highly qualified specialists. Company’s goal is to create a qualified, competent staff that would correspond to all rigors of the work related to pharmaceutical production.

Unlike other industries, the pharmaceutical industry has strict requirements for the manufacturing process. Our factory with an area of over 10 thousand square meters, meets all the GMP (Good manufacturing practice) requirements.

A lot of advanced systems were installed at the facility, designed to ensure its proper functioning and provide a pleasant and safe working environment for the professionals. The production of medicines is a very complex process and requires ideal accuracy. The process is monitored remotely, via an automated and advanced monitoring system, with an access-control system that ensures the sterility of the finished product and of the raw materials.